Tickets for the 2016 Stage Door School of Dance Recital, “Flash Back 40” will go on sale


SUNDAY, MAY 22nd  as follows:

For the Friday June 17, 2016 7:00 pm Show

Tickets go on sale at 2:00pm

For the Saturday June 18, 2016 11:00 am Show

Tickets go on sale at 2:30pm

For the Saturday June 18, 2016 3:00 pm Show

Tickets go on sale at 3:00pm

For the Saturday June 18, 2016 7:00 pm Show

Tickets go on sale at 3:30pm


How do I purchase tickets for the SDSD Recital?

* Please note that tickets cannot be purchased on an iPad.

1.     Go to

You can also go to, click “BUY NOW” under the purchase tickets box then search for Stage Door School of Dance in the search bar.

2.     Select the show listed on your promo code label, and click BUY TICKETS. (You can only buy tickets for the show listed on the label above with this promo code)

3.     Enter the Promo Code listed on the reverse in the area at the top of the screen and click FIND PROMO.

If you have difficulty with your code call 855-222-2849.

4.     Enter the number of tickets you would like to purchase using the dropdown menu for Best Available and click FIND TICKETS.

5.     The theatre map will appear on the screen.  TuTuTix will automatically select the best available seats and load them into your shopping cart.  If you like these seats click Continue.  If you would like to remove them and select other seats click remove all or deselect individual seats, using the legend at the top. Make sure you do not have more than 9 in your shopping cart or you will have to start over!!  Your tickets will remain in the Shopping Cart for 5 minutes ONLY!  If you are purchasing tickets for multiple shows you will need to purchase each show separately. The cost per ticket is $26 with a service charge of $2.30. Therefore, the total cost per ticket will be $28.30

6.     Once you have selected all of your seats click CONTINUE.

7.     In the next screen you will have the option to customize your ticket with your dancer’s name on it for an additional fee.

8.     Review your order and click CONTINUE.

9.     In the next screen you will select how you want your tickets delivered; either PRINT AT HOME for free or SOUVENIR TICKETS BY MAIL for an additional fee and click CHECK OUT.

10.  In the next screen you will be given the option to create an account for future use or continue as guest.

11.  The final step is to enter your billing information and click PURCHASE.

12.  Once the payment is completed you will be taken to a confirmation screen where if you selected to print your tickets at home you will have the option to print your tickets by clicking the button at the bottom left of the screen or at your leisure from the confirmation email you will receive.




If you have an issue at any point of your transaction you can call toll free 855-222-2849 (2TIX), email or go to






1.  Dancer should be dropped off 45 minutes before the start of their recital performance.

 2.  Upon drop off, the SDSD Parent/Guardian who is most visible at the studio must sign their dancer in with our SDSD Staff (left hand side of the Staller Center Lobby). That same Parent/Guardian will be responsible for signing their dancer out after the Finale.  Both signatures MUST match.  Upon drop off, dancers MUST be dressed in their recital costume and tights with their hair and make-up done, with proper dance shoes on. 

a)     Please DO NOT send them backstage unprepared.  LABEL EVERYTHING!

b)    Please DO NOT send your dancer backstage with any jewelry, nail polish, or tattoos. 

c)     Please DO NOT send your dancer backstage with any electronics or valuables.  SDSD is NOT responsible for damage or loss.

 3.  If your dancer has multiple classes that are performing in the same show please be sure to send her/him back stage with ALL the costumes needed and a paper indicating what tights, hair style (with hair brush and rubber bands), shoes, and make-up go with each additional costume.  It is the only way that the parent backstage crewmember will be able to help out with costume and class changes without any confusion or stress. If you are unsure of which costume to bring your dancer in (ex: multiple dances in the same show) please ask our SDSD Staff Table in the lobby of our Dress Rehearsal TODAY!

 4.  Dancers should bring back stage with them

                  a) A Disposable Bottle of Water with their name written clearly on the label and A Bag of Pretzels

*no other food, snacks, or drinks will be permitted as per the Staller Center and for the protection of those with allergies, We also do not want any of their costumes to be ruined by food/drink stains before they go on stage.

                  b) Please pack a coloring book, and small box of crayons (*no stickers or markers*)

 5.  Dancers Do Not need a change of street clothes. They will come and go in their Costumes, and Dance Shoes.

 6.  All dancers will remain back stage until they perform the Grand Finale “Oh What A Night.” Students are NOT permitted to be picked up during the performance unless there is an emergency. At the end of the finale, all dancers (with the exception of the TEEN classes, who will go back to their Dressing Room and wait for a parent to sign them out) will remain on stage where one parent will come to collect them and sign them out with the Parent Backstage Crew Class Captain.  Please look to our SDSD Staff in the lobby and hallways at Staller in order to make your way safely to the House Left hallway toward backstage and then onto the stage.  No child will be permitted to leave without a parent signature on the same clipboard that the dancer was signed in on upon drop off.

 7. Broadway Babies (2 ½+) ONLY may be picked up at intermission. We do ask that everyone stay for the DURATION of the performance. Broadway Babies are Welcomed and Encouraged to participate in the Grand Finale. Please bring your Broadway Baby down the House Left stairs/hallway right after the last number so we can place her/him on stage to “Oh What A Night.”  

 Thank you for preparing your child properly, and for helping to make each show a success! By following the above guidelines you will help to make sure that the show runs smoothly and that the dancers have a calm and POSITIVE experience!  Please remember to sit back, relax, and ENJOY your beautiful dancer in the show!