2019-2020 School Year Tuition schedule: 

Stage Door Policies

1. INITIAL PAYMENT:  Payment of the first and last months tuition is due at the time of Registration.   Class sizes are limited and placement in a specific class cannot be guaranteed unless the account is paid in full.

2.  PAYMENT METHODS:  We gladly accept the following methods of payment for online registration : Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. We also accept Cash, Checks and American Express at the Stage Door School of Dance studio, but you are not eligible for online registration.

3. DUE DATE:  Payments are due on the 1st week of the month and may be made online or at the studio office.  This is a monthly bill that will not include a reminder email. 

4. PAYMENT CHARGES:  Returned checks will incur a fee of $25.00 per occurrence. 

5. LATE CHARGES: Any account unpaid after the (15) fifteenth of the month will have a late charge of $10.  A warning statement will not be sent prior to late fees being charged. 

6. OVERDUE BALANCES: A statement will be mailed and/or emailed for amount due with late charges applied. 

7.  NOTICE OF WITHDRAWAL:  Notice of your desire to withdraw from any or all Stage Door classes must be submitted in writing to info@stagedoordancer.com and by phone call to (631) 654-8858.  This notification is required to properly adjust your account.  If notice is not given your account will continue to be billed automatically and you will be responsible for the charges.   

8. PREPAYMENT REFUND: If you decide to discontinue your class(es) prior to December 31st the prepayment of your June Tuition will be refunded.  If you withdrawal after December 31st you will forfeit your Prepaid June Tuition. 

9.  ABSENCES:  If you are unable to attend a class due to injury, or a prior engagement please see the front desk for a make-up class option.  Tuition will NOT be prorated or adjusted in any way due to absences.

10. COSTUMES: Costume payments will be due in full prior to the purchase of ANY costume.  If you costume is not paid for it WILL NOT be ordered and you will be responsible for additional shipping fees.  If you discontinue class(es) after the purchase of the costume you will still receive the costume.  It cannot be cancelled or returned for a refund. 

11.  CLASS CANCELLATION POLICY:  Stage Door School of Dance reserves the right to cancel any class due to low enrollment and will offer enrollment into another appropriate class where available.

12.  REGISTRATION FEE:  An annual non-refundable registration fee in the amount of $20.00 will be charged to each child upon the first registration of the year.

13.  FOOD ALLERGY POLICY:  Due to the many food allergies we must protect all of our dancer's safety and WILL NOT ALLOW ANY FOOD IN THE DANCE STUDIOS.  If your dancer would like to celebrate a holiday or birthday they may do so with a non-edible treat (ie: stickers).  We are NOT responsible for any injuries or allergic reactions due to any food available or eaten in the lobby.