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Community, family, and supporting one another are at the core of our values here at Stage Door School of Dance. While we have a strict rule of not assisting in the promotion of fundraisers, sometimes a cause touches us so personally here at Stage Door, that we feel we must use our platform to create tangible change for those we love dearly.

Ms. Oya Bangura is one of our most cherished, inspiring, and impactful teachers here at Stage Door; just ask any one of her students who have had the good fortune of experiencing her education, light, and love each week.

Ms. Oya’s family is currently facing a medical related hardship and frankly needs all the assistance her community can provide to help navigate their current situation.

2 years ago, Ms. Oya’s life partner Mike received a heart transplant. Unfortunately, Mike is currently back in the hospital due to severe complications with his new heart, fighting many unexpected medical issues. He has now been in an NYC hospital for 3 weeks and his physicians just shared with him that he will need to be there the rest of this month at minimum.

Oya, Mike and their two beautifully souled daughters, Evie, age 5 and Juldae, age 3 are dear members of the SDSD family. In addition to the ever-growing medical costs associated with Mike’s situation, Oya and the girls are making frequent trips into NYC from Long Island to be by his side as he navigates this trying situation.

A Go-Fund-Me page has been created by Oya’s closest supporters, and it is our honor to ask and share this fundraiser with you, to assist us in helping our dear sister in need. Anything you feel you may be able to donate will go very far, and is greatly needed to help assist in covering medical bills, travel expenses, and basic life necessities. We thank you in advance for your generosity. Ms. Oya is a shining light in our SDSD community, and it’s time for us all to hold her up.

Thank you from all of us here at Stage Door School of Dance,
Miss Mary and the entire Stage Door School of Dance team.


Please click the button below, which will lead you to the Go-Fund-Me campaign where you can make your official donation.