Proteins may seem like an obvious topic for everyone. They are a vital part of anyone’s diet. However, dancers should be consuming more than the average individual. Consuming 1-2 grams of lean protein per lb. is essential for the best results in muscle growth and repair.

Protein is often difficult to provide as many high-protein foods are not exactly child-friendly, especially for these picky eaters!

Lean protein sources such as tuna, salmon, and tilapia are excellent meals as they also provide great micronutrients such as iron, calcium, and vitamin D.

If your dancer doesn’t have quite have a refined palate just yet and would prefer to eat Doritos, chicken fingers, and French fries...try adding great protein sources to several meals rather than making it the main part of a meal.

Adding lentils into meals such as meatballs will provide not only more sustenance, but will be cheaper to make and provide more nutrients than red meat alone.

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Kid-friendly protein snack ideas would include:

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Include at least one protein-focused snack per day for best dancer health!

Did you know that our studio manager, Miss Katie, is also a doctor and certified nutritionist? That's right, she is actually Dr. Katie Pisciotta! Each week Dr. Katie will discuss a different area of nutrition; some educational pieces to help you make the best decisions for your dancer, as well as yourself. Please comment below with specific questions and requests for nutrition topics of interest to you!