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Are you feeling less energetic lately? Suffering injury after injury?

Your diet could be to blame!

If your body is not fueled with the proper foods, your dancing and your health will experience a decline.

So, what should you be doing differently?

Active people need to fuel their bodies differently. Carbohydrates are often viewed as negative components of a diet. However, 50-60% of dancer’s diet should consist of carbohydrates.

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Sweet Potato w. banner.png
Carrots w. banner.png
Beans w. banner.png
Quinoa  w. banner.png
Fruits  w. banner.png

These items can be consumed daily. Instead of sending your dancers from school to class with a granola bar- packed with sugar consider one of the options here:

  • Cup of Fruit

  • Carrots & Applesauce

Snacks such as these can be prepared in bulk for the week and portioned out to provide your dancer with more necessary nutrients throughout the day between meals!

Did you know that our studio manager, Miss Katie, is also a doctor and certified nutritionist? That's right, she is actually Dr. Katie Pisciotta! Each week Dr. Katie will discuss a different area of nutrition. Some educational pieces to help you make the best decisions for your dancer, as well as yourself. Please comment below with specific questions and requests for nutrition topics of interest to you!

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