This is just a reminder to see the RECITAL TAB on our website for exact times for your Dress Rehearsal.  Please remember to arrive 15 minutes prior to your start time.  The first class within that hour time slot that has perfect attendance will be the first up on stage to dance!  This process moves very quickly and you only have to be at Dress Rehearsal for 1 hour!!  Just like dance class! Please go to the back parking lot at BMS and we will be located in the LARGE Auditorium.  Please arrive in full hair, makeup, and costume already assembled. There will be a professional dance photographer there taking a group photo of your dancers class which you will be able to purchase on site.  Also, we will be selling our Recital T-Shirts and SDSD Apparel for anyone that missed out on that opportunity at the studio.  Thank you so much for your attendance at Dress Reherasal!  It's going to be the BEST SHOW EVER!