Our Costume Manager will be in every single class this week Monday-Saturday (10/14-10/19) measuring your dancer for their 2014 Dance Recital Costume(s).  This is an extremely important week at the studio as we order our dance costumes from all over the United States and it takes MONTHS for the costumes to arrive, which is why we are measuring ALL dancers this week and getting this fun process started.  If your dancer takes multiples class at the studio then their measurements will carry over to every class once they have been measured in their first class of the week.  If your dancer is unable to attend their regularly scheduled class this week then please immediately email our costume manager at costumes@stagedoordancer.com to set up a MAKE-UP MEASUREMENT TIME for this week (10/14-19) as they will be present ALL week measuring other dancers at the studio.

PLEASE bring your dancer to class this week in PROPER dance attire which is a black leotard, tights and dance shoes.  If your dancer comes to class without proper attire it will be very difficult to take exact measurements. (Even if your child is in Hip Hop they must come in proper SDSD Dance Attire which is a black leotard, tights or fitted leggings, dance shorts are optional, and shoes.  Please do not bring your hip hop dancer in a tee shirt and sweat pants as we will not be able to accurately measure them).

If you are already aware that your dancer does NOT wish to participate in our Annual Dance Recital and will NOT be needing a dance costume please immediately email our Costume Manager at costumes@stagedoordancer.com so that we are aware that we do NOT need to measure them.

Costume fees will be posted in your account by November 1st and will be accepted from 11/1 thru 11/25.  Please stay tuned for instructions as to how to pay your costume fees next month.  All costumes will be ordered over the Thanksgiving Break and costumes not paid for by Monday, November 25th will NOT be ordered.

THANK YOU in advance for your attendance this week and cooperation! 


Your SDSD Family